CT SCANA healthy county is a productive county. In order to accord high
quality and reliable health and therefore improved productivity for its residents, Baringo County Government has since 2013 invested heavily on health sector.

Kabarnet Referral hospital is being upgraded to level 5, complete with renal unit and CT scan, new X-Ray unit and oxygen plant. Maternity and general wards have also been refurbished in order to accommodate more patients. Eldama Ravine hospital hosts a new 32 bed capacity modern maternity built curtsey of partnership of Baringo County Government and Waitrose Foundation. Infrastructure development is key to the provision of services in our hospitals. We have established new health facilities especially in the far flung remote areas of our expansive county, renovating and upgrading existing ones and the construction of staff quarters in health centers across the county. For instance, a complete sub-county hospital is under construction in Mogotio and Nakoko dispensary in Tiaty is now operational.


It is gratifying to note that there are 22 operation- al ambulances across the county which has assisted in referrals and response to emergencies. In addition, more than 175 dispensaries and 28 health centers are operational in the county. This has significantly improved access to medical services. Also, 117 medical personnel including 6 consultants, 83 nurses & clinical officers, 18 lab technicians and 10 doctors have been recruited and more will be recruited during the next FY to alleviate the challenge of staff shortages.

Further, 839 health workers have been promoted in the county. We have been spending Kshs. 150 milllion annually in the procurement of medicines and non pharmaceuticals which are supplied to Baringo health facilities in a timely manner to eliminate out of stock cases. These interventions have seen tremendous improvement in access to high quality reliable and affordable health care services in Baringo County.

Achievements in 2018

The Department of Health BaringoCounty on 31st Jan 2018 achieved major milestones on the Development, Validationand Adoption of key documents that the Human Resources for Health (HRH) Technical Working Grouphad been working on for some time, supported by AFYA UZAZI, namely:

  1. 1.HRH Strategic Plan for Baringo County 2018 – 2022.
  2. Job Descriptionsfor leadership positions in the Dept. of Health.
  3. Guidelines on Attraction and Retention Strategies for Health Care Workers.

The team was also able to determine the Workload andStaffing Gaps for all levels of Health facilities in the County using the WHO WISN (Workload Indicator of Staffing Needs) Tool. This will help in equitable redistribution of available staff and recruitment with availability of funds.

There was also an Award Ceremony for Best performing staffand Health facilitiesin the County, a first for all Departments the County. The award ceremony was graced by The Deputy Governor BaringoCounty H.E Jacob Chepkwony, CEC Health service Hon. Mary Panga, C. O. Health Services Mr. Richard Koech, and Dr. Abakalwa G. (CDH-A/P)

Below is a list of health care workers and health facilities that received awards for their exemplary work:


Category 1 – outstanding performance (one outstanding performing staff across all cadres)

  Sub county or institution Winner
1 Baringo central Gladys Malel
2 Baringo north Francis Kiror
3 Marigat Mary Moraa
4 Mogotio Wilson Kemei
5 Eldama Ravine Florence Mathenge
6 Tiaty Jacob Busuru
7 Baringo County Referral hospital Nancy Tallam
8 Eldama Ravine hospital Angela Chemitei
9 Marigat Hospital Gladys Tuitoek
10 Kabartonjo hospital Christopher Amdany
11 Chemolingot hospital Joel Kipturmet
12 Mercy Mission hospital Dr. Isaac Ochola

Category 2 – outstanding support staff or contracted staff

  Institution Winner
1 Baringo County Referral hospital Sally Chepyegon
2 Eldama Ravine hospital David Murei
3 Marigat Hospital Benson Rumenya
4 Kabartonjo hospital John Chelagat
5 Chemolingot hospital Cheparkoti Kisuku

Category 3 – outstanding health facility (innovativeness and best practice)

  Sub county or institution Health Facility
1 Baringo central Tenges Health Centre
2 Baringo north Kuikui Health Centre
3 Marigat Marigat PHC catholic
4 Mogotio Kipkitur dispensary
5 Eldama Ravine Timboroa Health Centre
6 Tiaty Lodengo Health Centre




This County Ministry is tasked with the management of Early Childhood Education and Vocational Training in the county and with working towards an all-inclusive society devoid of any form of discrimination based on one’s gender, religion, race or ethnicity.

Skills development is significant in building a strong knowledge economy as the engine to spur economic growth. WE have therefore embarked on building the capacity of our Youth Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) to have enough capacity to produce a critical mass of technical skills to develop entrepreneurs to drive the private sector. With support from German and Korean partners, Baringo Government will equip VTCs and train instructors on modern technologies.

Additionally, the department will profile the county skills inventory for each sector and steer the upgrading of our vocational training institutions towards provision of skills that match those required to bridge the gaps in the job market.

The department is pleased with the recent timely disbursement of Shs 30 million in county bursaries. We have however noted that this amount is grossly insufficient and there is need to increase the kitty to be able to target bright and talented youth for scholarships to pursue skill sets that will either guarantee them employment or enable them venture into entrepreneurship. This is one of the ways that we shall employ to address the unprecedented youth unemployment in the County.

We will upgrade our current ECD classrooms to ECD centers by equipping them and providing additional facilities to cater for all aspects of early childhood development. Education Department will works towards improving the welfare of ECD teachers.

We are very keen on enabling our youth to leverage on ICT in skills as a driver for enterprise development. In this regard, we intend to work with partners to roll out free Wi-Fi in all our urban centers, starting with Kabarnet and Eldama Ravine. This is fundamental if we are to enable our people to take up offshore business and employment opportunities and keep up with the contemporary world.

The County government of Baringo is committed to the development of sports infrastructure and is improving them further in the coming financial year. The department will further invest in completing construction of Kabarnet Stadium, upgrading Eldama Ravine Stadium as well as the development of three athletics camps at Sirwa, Otany and Ossen. This, among other intervention like supporting our sporting teams and persons will go a long way in enhancing the development of young people on matters sports.

Furthermore, the department will keep making strides towards ensuring that more of our old citizens and persons with disabilities (PWD’s) are given support. So far, the County government through the Baringo persons with disabilities and elderly grant programe gives a monthly stipend of Shs 2000 to 210 beneficiaries drawn across the County besides NHIF cover of Shs 500 every month.

The department has also spearheaded the campaign against gender based violence like early marriages and female genital mutilation perpetuated against individuals. These social vices have negated the gains made towards achieving social transformation within our society and the department is committed to ensuring the perpetrators are brought to book to deter and reduce the prevelance such acts in future.

Cultural diversity

Baringo is one of the few Counties endowed with rich culture and traditions that are unique. The County with a population of more than 600,000 people hosts all Kenyan communities including the Tugen, Pokot, Ilchamus, Endorois, Agikuyu, Turkana and Nubians making it a county of great diversity both socially and culturally.

Every year the County government conducts a cultural and talent search festivals from the sub counties drawing different cultural groups and popular artists to display their rich culture through songs, poems and traditional attire.

The cultural groups consisting of both young and the elderly take their time to compose and perfect their presentations originated from either seasons, peculiar community incidences, renowned personalities and icons, environment, cultural practices, norms and beliefs, among many more.

Most of the communities particularly Pokot, Ilchamus and Endorois still guard their culture jealously in order to preserve them. These groups have continued to raise the county’s flag high while representing it in various national events like the annual Kenya Music and Cultural festivals held at County, Regional and national levels.

Four cultural groups, Loropil traditional dancers, Culture Promoters, Seur Nalepo traditional dancers and Kazi Bora cultural dancers which have been supported by the county Government are current national champions in their categories of folk songs and dances. These groups emerged top during last year’s Kenya Music and cultural festivals held in Kakamega County.

Baringo County is putting up spirited fight against retrogressive cultural practices especially early forced marriages, female genital mutilation (FGM) and cattle rustling and banditry activities. These efforts have seen the trend slowly reverse due to continuous interaction between communities during county and national events particularly holidays where communities embrace each other. Inspiration scenes of perceived rival communities singing and dancing to each others’ songs particularly among the Ilchamus and Pokot traditional groups have been witnessed.

These presentations aims at delivering moral lessons and messages on communities’ way of living, child naming ceremonies, greetings based on age, blood relationships and age sets, rain making, rites of passage and artifacts and regalia used by the community. The Department is cognizant of the fact that it is through appreciating different cultures that the diverse Kenyan communities can co-exist peacefully. We shall also ensure enough budgetary allocation to the noble course of empowering artists and cultural groups because for a long time they have been ignored yet they play a a big role in promoting cohesion


The major projects planned for 2013 / 2014 FY were categorized into:

  • Rehabilitation and expansion of water supplies
  • Construction of water pans
  • Construction of boreholes
  • Development of Irrigation Schemes
  • Development of spring system

Processes that preceded implementation:

  • Prioritizing community projects
  • Budgeting
  • Preparation of work plans
  • Designs, hydro-geological survey
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Tendering and awarding
  • Launching, Implementation and Commissioning

The projects’ implementation status are in various stages; implementation stage, award stage, tendering stage and a few in tender preparation stage.


Rehabilitation and expansion of water supplies

The Ministry had planned to rehabilitate 41 water supplies out of which 27 are in implementation stage while 14 are in tender preparation stage.

Construction of Water pans

The Ministry had planned to construct 10 water pans distributed all over the County. 4 are in the implementation stage and constructions are on-going. The remaining six have been awarded contracts thus constructions are underway.
Other Water actors have complemented the Ministry and are in the process of constructing approximately 24 additional water pans widely distributed within the County. The water actors include Horn of Africa, Rift Valley Water Service Board and the National Government through KVDA.

Construction of boreholes

Ten planned boreholes constructions were at the tender stage and will be finalized soon for commencement of implementation. More so, The County Government of Baringo signed a contract with the Japanese Government on 28th February 2014 for construction of 70 boreholes. The target area for the project is Baringo Central, Baringo North, Marigat and East Pokot Sub Counties. The boreholes will be drilled through the project for Rural Water supply aiming at improving access to safe and potable water

Development of Irrigation schemes

The Ministry planned to develop 17 Irrigation schemes during the financial year,out of which 4 were under construction, 6 had been awarded contract thus ready to start implementation, 2 lacked adequate water sources demanding for re- designs, while 5 were planned for feasibility studies. National Irrigation Board as well,is supporting phase II of 3 excisting Irrigation schemes while Horn Of Africa was planning to rehabilitate 1 irrigation scheme.

Development of spring system

1 spring system was planned for development which was at the tendering stage.
In summary, implementation for the planned for projects was on course as scheduled and the projects are expected to be accomplished by the end of the financial year 2013/2014.

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