The department is mandated to spear head the establishment, regulation, and growth of urban centers in the County. We also manage the land adjudication and demarcation process, as well as assisting in the issuing of relevant land ownership documents.

When residents are in possession of land documents, it becomes easy to defend their rights when they are aggrieved because they will have backing in law.

As a County we will work very closely with the ministry of lands, National Land Commission and other relevant stakeholders with a view of bringing all land matters in the County to a logical conclusion.

Since land is an important factor of production, the department will work with other departments like that of agriculture and enterprise development to enlighten residents on proper land management and utilization to bring about maximum returns and avoid a situation where land becomes a source of conflict for individuals and community thus leading to underdevelopment.  

In order for our urban centres to be vibrant and attract investors, proper planning and modernization is necessary. All necessary utilities that make an urban centre functional like commercial, residential, industrial, and public utilities must be allocated and protected from land grabbers.

On Housing, the County will partner with the National Housing Cooperation and other stakeholders to develop cheap, quality, and affordable houses for our residents using the most cost effective technology. Indeed; affordable housing is one of President Uhuru’s Big Four Agenda.

Towns like Kabarnet, Eldama Ravine, Marigat and other urban centres will have proper sanitation and designated waste disposal sites that are properly managed. Sewerage systems will be upgraded in order to serve the growing number of habitants.  

We will install and expand the urban street lighting programe to make them secure and conducive for 24 hour business activity.

Furthermore, we intend to repossess all public utilities that have been grabbed and ensure the perpetrators of these corrupt deals are brought to book. This will ensure that all the public utilities are put to the intended use.

These interventions are informed by the need to adequately accommodate the emerging trend where people abandon villages and move to urban centres in large numbers thus causing strain to existing amenities. We, as the custodians of physical planning, will provide sustainable solutions to the upsurge of populations in urban centres.

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