Turning agriculture and livestock sectors into commercially driven and innovative life transforming ventures is a sure strategy to enable our farmers to take advantage of the enormous market opportunities within and beyond Baringo to create a spring board towards economic empowerment for our farmers. To achieve this we shall invest in improving productivity across agricultural sub sectors and venture into the development of complete value chains and the creation of strong market linkages.

We are well aware that our farmers still face numerous challenges in trying to upscale productivity, including expensive farm inputs such as inadequate affordable fertilizers, seeds, insufficient extension services, over dependence on rain, unstable market prices among others.

The county government will invest in addressing these challenges through the strengthening of marketing agencies within cooperative societies, construction of dams and establishment of irrigation schemes. Additionally, we shall recruit more agricultural extension officers to improve farmers’ skills and bridge the knowledge gap.

We shall continuously encourage and support farmers in pasture production and conservation during the rainy season to eradicate animal deaths during long dry spells. The establishment of pasture farms and hay sheds within the county to will be upscaled to supplement farmers’ efforts in feed production and to provide animal feed supply during dry seasons                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Apiculture Farmers will be empowered to major in the production of Baringo’s organically certified and medicinal honey which is internationally acclaimed as it is produced from the Acacia tree (Vachelliatortilis) that covers Baringo landscape and provides the bees with unpolluted nectar for making truly organic honey. To further diversify farming activities, the county government will avail resources to promote fish farming not only as a way of improving food security but also increasing household incomes.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries will fast track the on-going construction of Baringo County Milk processing plant in Eldama Ravine and sustain efforts towards the realization of the Shs. 200 Million Coffee milling plant in Ossen; operationalize Barwesa, Maoi and Loruk slaughterhouses. The Leather Tannery in Mogotio which was handed over to the County Government recently shall soon start processing hides and skins. These will not only substantially increase incomes to farmers, but also create a good number of jobs for our youths.

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