County government begins countywide vaccination against Foot and Mouth, PPR and Rabies

A vaccination against Foot and Mouth, Paste Petis de Ruminaurs (PPR) and Rabies has been launched across all 517 vaccination centres in Baringo.

CEC for Agriculture Dr Richard Rotich who presided over the exercisein Moigutwo in Bartabwa ward, Baringo North Sub County stated that the exercise will run for a month and is targeting 750,000 goats and Sheep, 100,000 cattle as well as 2,000 dogs, cats, donkeys and camels within the region.

Dr Rotich noted that the vaccination is free of charge and encouraged livestock farmers to turn up in the designated vaccination sites in order to vaccinate their animals against the trans- boundary diseases which in the recent past has led to loss of livestock in the region.

FootMouth“I am encouraging our farmers to take advantage of the free vaccination so that their animals are vaccinated against foot and mouth, PPR and rabies diseases,” said the CEC for Agriculture.

He said the vaccination will ensure increased animal production and minimize cost incurred in treatment of livestock diseases in case of an outbreak.

County director of veterinary services Dr John Wameyorevealed that the exercise was undertaken as a measure of preventing the spread of livestock diseases to younger animals who were not vaccinated during the last exercise.

A Vetinary officer during vaccination drive against Foot and Mouth, PPR and rabies in Kimorok, Baringo South Sub County.

Dr Wameyo who was accompanied by County Chief Officer for Livestock Isaack Ndirangu and County pastoral livelihoods and resilience team leader Laban Labatt stated that prevalence rate of such diseases is high in West Pokot, Turkana, Baringo, Samburu and Laikipia countieshence it is important for the livestock to be vaccinated in order to minimize mortality rate in the North Rift region.

The program under the World Bank is being conducted by county government department of livestock through the regional pastoral livelihood resilience programme in collaboration with the national government.



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