Coffee Farming in Baringo

Coffee beingKenya’s fourth-leading foreign exchange earner after tourism, tea and horticulture, this makes it a very valuable venture and thrives well in most parts of Rift valley because of its rich volcanic soil.

Coffee production in Baringo County has proved yielding and profitable considering the rich, fertile and the landscape with hillslopes and gentle slopes, which has ensured well-drained and aerated soil, which is favourable for coffee production.

In a bid to upscale its productivity,Coffee the county government has put in more efforts in capacity building coffee farmers, more recently, distributing 28,000 coffee seedlings, and pulping machines to farmers, which has in turn increased the area under coffee from 850ha to the current 2,500ha.

The county government has continued supporting the sector by providing coffee seedlings and rehabilitating coffee factories considering that currently, Coffee has a higher pricing index compared to other crops.

More so, in order to curb the in fluctuating market prices and competition, Baringo county government has secured a direct coffee export to South Korea, which has helped farmers to have a ready market and do away with middlemen and brokers who have for so long ripped them off their hard-earned produce.

Last year, Baringo County exported coffee worth 10.6 million shillings to Korea and its target this year is to have over 30 million shillings worth of exportand this can be achieved only if farmers embrace new methods of farming.

Although, coffee farmers face few challenges,through the county department of agriculture, the county government has provided extension officers in every ward to advice farmers on better methods of coffee farming.

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