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Baringo County has 89 health facilities distributed all over the county. Most of them are under-utilized due to lack of staff and equipment. The average distance to the nearest health centre is 15km.

The most prevalent diseases in the county are Malaria, upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) and Pneumonia. Thus programmes of Primary Health Care (PHC); and STI/STD including HIV/AIDS should be put in place.

The causes of infant deaths are due to respiratory diseases, pneumonia, malaria, worms and diarrhoea. In the Valley deaths are mainly due to malaria, while in the Highlands deaths are due to pneumonia and respiratory diseases. Another cause of mortality is the effect of HIV/AIDS leading to orphan-hood; single parents; child headed family, child labour and street children.

HIV/AIDs pandemic is not only a health problem but also a development issue as

it encompasses socio-economic and cultural dimensions. As in the rest of the country, prevalence is higher in the Urban than in the rural areas with 90% of the infections being among the people aged between 15-49 years and 5-10% of the infections occurring in children under five years.

Most AIDs deaths are occur between the ages of 25-35 fro men and 20-30 for women which are the most productive age. HIV prevalence varies markedly between regions within the county but all regions are affected and over 40% of hospital beds are occupied by HIV/AIDs patients.

Culture/beliefs is promoting in-faction in salient way in the name of preserving culture. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
is also contributing to HIV spread.

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