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Baringo County has 349 Primary Schools, 34 Secondary Schools and 6 Tertiary training institutions (colleges, Polytechnics etc).
Enrolment of girls in Primary Schools is higher than that of boys while in secondary schools is lower than that of boys. The primary school going age population is growing fairly rapidly. The population of this age group was 80,230 in year 2009. The county will
therefore need to invest in the provision of education facilities to cater for the increasing demand bearing in mind that the gross enrollment rate is 90%.

For the secondary school going age group, the population was estimated at 34,140 by 2009. However
the gross enrollment rate is low at 25% which means that the facilities are underutilized
either due to high drop out rates or the fact that most students opt to join secondary schools
outside the county. Both the primary and secondary school going age constitute 35.9% of the total population.


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