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The major farming activities include dairy farming and growing of maize, groundnuts, cotton and coffee. The remainder of the county is mainly rangelands with the rearing of goats, sheep, cattle and camels and bee keeping forming the major livestock activities.

The mean annual maximum temperature in the county ranges between 250 and 300 Celsius in the southern part. In the northern part, the temperature is about 300 and occasionally rises to over 350 Celsius. The hottest months are from January to March. The mean annual minimum temperature varies from 160 to 180 Celsius but can drop to as low as 100 Celsius in the Tugen Hills.

The main factor influencing the variations in temperature is the altitude. In the highlands of the Tugen Hills with an
altitude of 2600mm, the temperatures are much lower than in the lowlands of Marigat, Kerio Valley and Nginyang where the
altitude ranges between 762 and 1000m above sea level.

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