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Baringo County Governor Benjamin Cheboi today led top members of his government accompanied by top county security team headed by County Commissioner Peter Okwanyo on day one of a scheduled 5 day development tour of the vast Tiaty Sub County.

Tiaty Sub County is a largely arid land and covers 44% of Baringo’s 11,000 Km Sq. With a total of 7 wards – Kolowa, Tirioko, Churo/Amaya, Ribkwo, Tangulbei/Korossi, Silale, Loiyamorok the sub county is 4,540.48 Sq. Kms and has a population of 133,189 according to the 2009 Census.

Baringo County Government has since 2013 invested a huge chunk of its resources in the area in a bid to bridge the gap, noting that the area has previously been marginalized.

To increase access to healthcare services, the county government has established a total of 21 health facilities and is in the process of constructing corresponding infrastructure like staff quarters. Upon completion of all the facilities, some of which are at finishing stages, the number of hospitals will be raised from the previous 15 to 36 in the last three years.

The county government has invested in water supply through the funding of a water project per ward per financial year. Some water projects have been the target of expansion in subsequent financial years after inception. Additionally, numerous pan dams have been excavated in the area. Oighony irrigation scheme is in the Sub County.

In collaboration with JICA and the National Government, Tiaty Sub County is a beneficiary of 30 boreholes with an additional over 10 being funded exclusively by the county Government of Baringo.

Tiaty Sub County is largely ASAL area with huge populations of livestock. Several government interventions have been rolled off in the area which includes livestock breed upgrade by use of bull breeding services. The county Government has so far given to farmers 8 pedigree Sahiwal Bulls and over 50 Gala Bucks and Doper Rams for this purpose

The vast Sub County has also been the target of comprehensive livestock vaccination exercises, establishment of cattle dips – 3 per ward in the last 3 years, livestock sale yards, and an abattoir in Loruk.  Tiaty is Baringo’s powerhouse in livestock production and the government intends to assist farmers to increase production so as to support its meat value chain development plans.

Roads in the area have also received a facelift with new roads being done to open up the sub county for trade and ease of access of important services like healthcare. Major Roads that have been upgraded include Tangulbei-Mukutani, Chesirimion-Kashokon, Chemolingot-Kosetei-Katikit and Nginyang-Mengmenti-Nalekat among others.

The county government has also put in concerted efforts to bring peace in the once volatile area. As at now, thesub county has enjoyed relative peace with its neighboring internal and external administrative units for close to a year now.

Yesterday, Governor Cheboi officiated the launch of County Maternal-Child nutrition programme that will be rolled out in Tiaty Sub County in collaboration with GoK, UNICEF and World Vision.

While on the tour, Governor Cheboi has today inspected and/or commissioned several projects, visited learning institutions in the area and held several Barazas to meet and engage area residents.

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