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The major projects planned for 2013 / 2014 FY were categorized into:

  • Rehabilitation and expansion of water supplies
  • Construction of water pans
  • Construction of boreholes
  • Development of Irrigation Schemes
  • Development of spring system

Processes that preceded implementation:

  • Prioritizing community projects
  • Budgeting
  • Preparation of work plans
  • Designs, hydro-geological survey
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Tendering and awarding
  • Launching, Implementation and Commissioning

The projects’ implementation status are in various stages; implementation stage, award stage, tendering stage and a few in tender preparation stage.


Rehabilitation and expansion of water supplies

The Ministry had planned to rehabilitate 41 water supplies out of which 27 are in implementation stage while 14 are in tender preparation stage.

Construction of Water pans

The Ministry had planned to construct 10 water pans distributed all over the County. 4 are in the implementation stage and constructions are on-going. The remaining six have been awarded contracts thus constructions are underway.
Other Water actors have complemented the Ministry and are in the process of constructing approximately 24 additional water pans widely distributed within the County. The water actors include Horn of Africa, Rift Valley Water Service Board and the National Government through KVDA.

Construction of boreholes

Ten planned boreholes constructions were at the tender stage and will be finalized soon for commencement of implementation. More so, The County Government of Baringo signed a contract with the Japanese Government on 28th February 2014 for construction of 70 boreholes. The target area for the project is Baringo Central, Baringo North, Marigat and East Pokot Sub Counties. The boreholes will be drilled through the project for Rural Water supply aiming at improving access to safe and potable water

Development of Irrigation schemes

The Ministry planned to develop 17 Irrigation schemes during the financial year,out of which 4 were under construction, 6 had been awarded contract thus ready to start implementation, 2 lacked adequate water sources demanding for re- designs, while 5 were planned for feasibility studies. National Irrigation Board as well,is supporting phase II of 3 excisting Irrigation schemes while Horn Of Africa was planning to rehabilitate 1 irrigation scheme.

Development of spring system

1 spring system was planned for development which was at the tendering stage.
In summary, implementation for the planned for projects was on course as scheduled and the projects are expected to be accomplished by the end of the financial year 2013/2014.

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