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Public participation is key in budget making process as a way of enhancing good gover­nance.

When she opened a two day training for representatives of various elected ward develop­ment committees , CEC for Devolution, Public Service, Administration and eGov­ernment Dr. Maureen Rotich noted an increase in the num­ber of residents turning up for public participation forums in the recent years.

Dr Rotich however said there is still need for much aware­ness creation among members of the public if desired levels of participatory implementation of both ongoing and future county development projects at grassroots level are to be at­tained.

“The role of the ward develop­ment committees is central as they are expected to mobilize the community towards effec­tive participation on project prioritization, budget process implementation and monitor­ing and evaluation. I call upon you to execute this diligently and educate all our residents on the importance of public participation.” She advised.

The department chief thanked Konrad Adenauer Stiffung and Centre for Enhancing Democ­racy and Good Governance (CEDGG), the two partner organizations that have been helping the county govern­ment in conducting civic edu­cation.

CEDGG Programmes Manag­er Kamunche Masese said that civic education is a critical tool in enhancing public participa­tion as it informs citizens of their need and right to voice major socioeconomic and po­litical concerns.

“Civic education empowers citizens to play their specific, rightful governance roles and responsibilities.” Said Masese.

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