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In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling, Governor Stanley Kiptis has asked Baringo residents to fully resume their day to day engagements that have been earning them livelihoods.

Speaking when he addressed jubilant residents of Kabarnet who were celebrating Uhuru Kenyatta’s win, Governor Kiptis noted that the ruling effectively put closure to the season of politics and as such each one of the residents needed to go back to participating in nation building.

“Time now is for service delivery to the people. Everyone should go back to building our nation.” said Kiptis.

Governor Kiptis directed all Government workers in all departments to perform their duties as expected. He added that any form of compromise on service delivery to Baringo people will not be tolerated.

“All those serving in various capacities in various sectors, be it roads, our towns, hospitals and offices must be prepared to do their duties or be ready to pack and go!

The Governor called on residents from various communities to embrace peaceful coexistence and support each other.

“Politics and divergent political views should not divide us. We should continue to live in harmony with each other like we have always done.” said Kiptis.

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