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All Leaders Present

Invited Guests

My fellow Citizens

Ladies and Gentlemen;

It is with great appreciation to the Almighty God as I join you to mark the 8th (eight) Anniversary of Mashujaa Day since the promulgation of the new Constitution, the 5th  (fifth) since the advent of devolution and the

54thsince the birth of our nation in 1963.

Mashujaa Day is a day set aside to recognize, honour and commemorate the great heroes and heroines; gallant men and women both alive and those who have gone before us, whom through their patriotism contributed immensely to our sovereignty and the freedoms which we enjoy today.

Today  we   celebrate  our  leaders,  tireless  farmers,  teachers,

businessmen, our workforce in the civil service, our men and women in uniform, and everyone whose hard work and efforts not only to feed, clothe, and house their families but also ensure that their children go to school.

We recognize our heroes and heroines: - sports men and women, those in Academia and business young and old who continue to put our County on the globe.

Allow me to mention a few personalities who have made to the

national and international limelight in the recent past. First is H.E. Hon. Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, Second President of the Republic of Kenya, a great leader, visionary and legendry in all aspects. I wish to congratulate Mr. Paul Tergat who braved tight competition to emerge the Chairman National Olympics of Kenya(NOCK) and also for his past stellar performance in the cross country(global winner 5 times, world marathon record holder 2003, twice Olympic silver medalist and many more accolades)

Others include Lawrence Cherono from Barwesa the immediate winner of Amsterdam marathon last weekend(15th October 2017) and also his siblings Luka and Benson Cherono for their athletic prowess in the past.

We also have Mathew Birir from Eldama Ravine Gold medalist in steeple chase (Barcelona 92'), marathoners Mary Keitany from Kisok Baringo Central, Richard Kimutai-Barwesa, Ishmael Kombich-Kisanana Mogotio, Richard Kimunyan-Mochongoi BS the world youth champion in track, together with  Norah Jeruto, Daisy Jepkemei both from Eldama Ravine. The youth have put our county in the world arena too.

I wish to mention Poror Mote Football Club in Eldama Ravine and Umoja FC from Kabarnet for qualifying to play in the National Division 1 and Division 2 super leagues respectively.

Ladies and gentlemen;

As a show of appreciation for hard-work, going forward, we shall introduce an annual Best Performance Award Scheme towards our heroes for exemplary performance in various sectors and categories. This is an incentive scheme to promote hard-work, patriotism and commitment to work by all of us; farmers, professionals, the public servants, investors, sports personalities, the academia among others.

Ladies and gentlemen;

As you are aware that we are in a new dispensation and I would like to take this moment again to thank all of you for your overwhelming support in our election. I will always be grateful to you all for electing me and my Deputy and together, we shall steer this county ahead. Ladies and Gentlemen;

We are moving with speed to constitute the county government. As you are aware, I have appointed my new Executive Committee Members (the CECs) whose names have been forwarded to the County Assembly for the vetting process.

In view of this, I strongly urge the County Assembly to move with speed to complete the process so that service delivery to our beloved wananchi is not derailed. As for the Chief Officers, the interview process is ongoing and it will be completed by the end of the month.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

We are in our development planning phase. We have started the process of developing our five year County Integrated Development Plan covering the year 2018 – 2022. We expect that once the new Executive Committee is in place, the process will be officially launched to enable our planning team to spearhead the public participation process to enlighten the citizens on the development projects that will be prioritized during the period.

The objective of this plan is to accelerate the county's transformative

agenda in the framework of my political manifesto, the national aspirations under the Vision 2030; the 2030 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and our other international development obligations. This is an opportunity to craft our own economic destinies.

It is imperative to note that this document largely outline policies, programmes and projects to be implemented in the next five years. It is also important to observe that this process is citizen and development stakeholders driven. Therefore, I wish to urge all of us to actively participate in this process.

As government we are committed to this course. We have adopted a robust and inclusive citizen engagement mechanism to ensure our citizens are at the centre of our development decision-making process. Your opinion for sure will count.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Quality of life of the people, inclusion and equity will receive utmost attention under my leadership.

We will give particular attention to programmes and projects that will improve and impact positively to the quality of living and must be sustainable to our people.

On this note, we call upon every ward to deviate from the current situation of identifying numerous small projects that are thinly spread and prioritize for few flagship programmes/projects that are adequately funded and have high socio-economic impact and serve larger beneficiaries. For instance, the milk processing plant in Eldama Ravine, the leather tannery in Mogotio, the abattoirs in Maoi, Loruk and Barwesa, coffee milling factory in Ossen.

Emphasis will also be towards improving the phase of implementation; co-ordination; and Monitoring and Evaluation mechanisms to ensure that programmes and projects are effective in attaining the stated targets.

As resources are limited, we must manage in a prudent, wise and sustainable manner to ensure that our current and future generations' interests are safeguarded. Initiatives will be introduced particularly to increase transparency and accountability as well as reduce wastage.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

In this regard, we will adopt a practical and modern economic and management practices in our strategies to attaining our aspirations. To attain equity in distribution and allocation of our resources, accelerated economic growth and full utilisation of our resources, we shall embrace regional approach by undertaking socio-economic profile for our sub-counties.

The aim is to identify sectors of comparative economic advantage in order to focus on maximizing productivity for sustainable employment, income and wealth creation

We have enormous and diverse resources distributed in all our sub- counties for instance we are rich in natural resources from Lake Baringo, Lake 94 and

Lake Bogoria national park in Baringo South to Lake Kapnarok national park and oil prospects in in Kerio Valley. From the scenic features- hills and valleys in Tugen Hills and escarpment from Torongo in Eldama Ravine to Morop in Baringo Central to Saimo in Baringo North and Silale crater in Tiaty. From Cheploch gorges in Baringo Central to the natural spa in Bogoria in Baringo South and Kapedo Hot Springs in Tiaty. We have minerals – manganese, rupees, just to mention a few. We have archeological sites- arrorintugenensis among others. Baringo has all the requirements to be granted the status of Global Geopark Network by United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)and once the status is awarded, the county will be open to numerous opportunities in tourism and heritage sites.

We are uniquely blessed with exceptional opportunity of having all agro-ecological zones with varied temperatures that support distinct economic activities in the County.

We have rich agricultural land that we can grow crops. 70 percent of our County land is ASAL and good for livestock production. Indeed, we are a County of Great Diversity and we need to take advantage of this natural opportunity. My Fellow Citizens;

The role of private sector in development will be given the much needed attention. We are determined to provide for more focused incentives for high value added industries.

I am a live to the fact that increasing technology and knowledge content in production is a catalyst in the modern production sector, priority will be to upgrade skills that promote knowledge application processes and related services especially among SMEs. Industrial skills upgrading will focus among others on ICT integration.

To realize an innovative driven SMEs we shall focus on creating high performance and resilient SMEs, equipped with strong technical and innovative capability as well as managerial and business skills to realize new job opportunities particularly for our vibrant labour force and improved market access.

Of significant importance is promotion of inter-firm linkages among and between SMEs as well as with large domestic and international companies. This will enable SMEs to be more competitive, innovative and sustainable. To achieve this worthy course, a clear policy framework and programmes will be initiated while advancing professional and managerial skills among SMEs. Ladies and Gentlemen;

To bridge the knowledge gap, demand-driven skills development particularly for our youth will be given a top priority.

We shall convert the current youth empowerment centres to Youth Business and technology innovation centre as a platform for enterprise start- ups and incubation. This strategy will create the pool of new and innovation–driven entrepreneurs needed to sprout new businesses and services that will create more jobs for our young people.

The SME kitty will be enhanced to keep up with the current and future business demand.

Ladies and gentlemen;

Mainstreaming Information, Communication and Technology in development is inevitable. ICT is a key determinant in transitioning our county to a knowledge-based in order to realize the desired growth in all sectors.

Efforts will be intensified to mainstream access to ICT services, and facilities. Equally important is to promote wider adoption and usage in all aspects of everyday life. We have set aside a budget provision in the 2017/18

Financial Year for offering free Wi-Fi services in Kabarnet, Eldama Ravine, Marigat and Mogotio.

Measures will be undertaken to promote skilled ICT workforce, upgrading and expansion of infrastructure for improved broadband connections. We shall take advantage of the fibre-optic connectivity in our major towns.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Access to safe and clean water for domestic and commercial use is our county top priority. It is an enabler for all sectors. Water is a life necessity element comprising of 70 percent of our body mass. To increase our production in agriculture we need water.

Our livestock cannot survive without water. Our service sectors- tourism, manufacturing and our institutions of learning require water as a basic need.

We shall continue to invest in this sector by focusing on both underground (boreholes) and surface (water pans, and small dams) water development. This will lead to increased pipe water extension and water Kiosks to both urban and rural populations.

While on this, I am happy to report that treatment and pipeline extension works at Chemosusu dam are on course and we expect the Kirdam Phase two to begin shortly.

We will intensify efforts toward increasing our area under irrigated agriculture. While we mobilize resources to develop new irrigation schemes, the existing schemes must be reviewed to ensure efficient function.

Ladies and gentlemen;

The significance of agricultural sector cannot be overemphasized. The sector is the largest contributor to employment creation, county food demand and significantly provide the raw materials required by the domestic agro-based industries.

To revitalize agriculture, first is to eliminate the existing and persistent bottlenecks along the production and marketing value chain.

We must think of producing beyond subsistence by increasing adoption of high quality and value added products, skill development, and timely information to increase capacity of our farmers to produce, commercializing agriculture, increasing convergence with information, communication and technology, encouraging public-private sector engagement in building a vibrant agro-processing industries, increased market accessibility and wider adoption of group farming system.

Ladies and gentlemen;

Land remains a vital factor of production. We must remove the inefficiencies in land ownership and management system.

We must work towards attaining Total Factor Productivity of Land. One such a strategy is through enactment and adoption of proper land use policies, the county will eliminate the persistent under-employment in land. We shall fast track completion of our county spatial plan (2016-2026) and partner with National Land Commission to ensure that land title deeds are processed faster.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

The quality of our roads and infrastructure network has an impact on our development. To improve quality and reduce cost of routine maintenance of our roads infrastructure we need to consider climate proof aspect in design and development of our roads.

Opening up of rural areas to unlock rural potential and integrate with urban areas is the only way to complete our production chain. Urban infrastructure will continue to be upgraded to provide better business environment, generate wealth and de-congest the towns. I am pursuing the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) to continue with the 7.5KM of road upgrading in Kabarnet to bitumen standard after completing the 1KM loop sections of Visa Oshwal- KSG, city clock-Kobil-Anyiny roads in Kabarnet.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Tourism sub-sector has enormous potential to transform our County to one of the top destinations in the world. However, the sector is underdeveloped.

To unlock the potential in tourism focus will be on upgrading and developing our tourism products and scenic features; and the lakes. The game parks are enormous but under-utilized.

We need to tap our potential in eco-tourism and cultural tourism, sport tourism, safaris, business and conference tourism; and build on new products.

Our national reserves require a face-lift in infrastructure and facilities to be fully operational.

Partnering with all the stakeholders and charting a clear roadmap to drive tourism as a business is the way to go. The role of the private sector in tourism development must not only be embraced but also enhanced.

Ladies and gentlemen;

Access to quality education for sustainable future is fundamental if we have to keep up with the current and future development demands.

Skill development for our people especially the youth needs to be addressed now.   Job opportunities in the public sector (what is referred to as white collar jobs) no longer meet the current employment demands. We must re- engineer our labour force through skill development on demand driven courses. This will not only make them competitive in the job market but will also offer the opportunity for self-employment.

As a starting point, we shall develop a skills needs inventory from the ward level to enable us plan for the best alternative strategies and resources to effectively implement skill development for our people.

Our institution of higher learning especially the Technical, Vocational and Education Training (TVET) institutions will be upgraded both in infrastructure, equipment and modernizing training courses offered to realize the requisite capacity to handle the county skill development needs.

Focus will be to upgrade our 13 Vocational Training Centres to absorb over 5,000 youths for skill development annually. Skill needs inventory for all sectors in every ward will be developed to guide the design and resource requirement to effectively implement the strategy.

On Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE), we intend also to upgrade the current classrooms to ECDE Centres by constructing an additional classroom, equipping with furniture and learning resources and providing other basic facilities like the play-ground and sanitary facilities.

Ladies and gentlemen;

You are aware that the current malaria outbreak in the most parts of the county with Tiaty being worst hit. We have since managed to marshal both internal and external capacities, thanks to our able medical personnel, the National Government, the Kenya Red-Cross, the Kenya Defense Forces and other charitable organizations for their immense support.

Ladies and gentlemen;

My administration will not tolerate corruption. We will initiate bold but sustainable measures aimed at combating corruption, promoting good governance and instilling a sense of financial discipline, prudent use of available resources and prioritized management of the economy.

Ladies and gentlemen;

We have started the journey to sustainable peace and security. We have joined hands with leaders from our neighbouring counties:- Turkana, Samburu, West Pokot and Laikipia to end the common insecurity in form of cattle rustling in the region. We recognize that peace and security must be handled in a concerted effort. Everyone has a role; our communities must coexist in peace and harmony. As leaders must walk the talk. We must be enjoined in finding sustainable peace in our County and the region. We must remove the push and pull factors that promote insecurity; we must to create an enabling environment for peace and security; we must lead by example; we must preach peace and be ambassadors of peace.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

You are all aware of the forthcoming repeat Presidential Election Scheduled for 26th October, 2017. While I urge everyone to keep peace, I also wish to take this opportunity to call upon all of us; both the county leadership and our supporters demonstrate support, and ensure a 100 percent voter turn-out to vote in President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto in the repeat Presidential Election.

Fellow County Men and Women;

As I conclude, let me reiterate that for us as a County achieve our aspirations, then all sectors both public and private, non-state actors, development partners and the people must be one accord, participate actively, take ownership of the process fulfil our respective duties.

Finally, to our beloved children; both the 2017 KCPE and KCSE candidates, I wish you SUCCESS in your forth coming National Examinations..


Thank You




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