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budget1Baringo county government has allocated the lion’s share of Ksh 2.024 billion to the health sector in the 2016/2017 fiscal year which has relatively in- creased from Ksh 1.34 billion in 2015/16.

In the budget estimates presented to the County assembly in the budget and appropriation bill, Baringo County intends to spend Ksh. 5.536 billion, of which Ksh 4.791 is equitable share while the ksh 300 million is projected to be raised through local revenue.
while Presenting the budget estimates at the county assembly, treasury and economic planning County Executive Committee Geofrey Bartenge said that they have prioritized more funds to health, roads, infrastructure, water, and education respectively as they are the key drivers to county’s transformative agenda.
“In order to realize our aspirations of according quality affordable and reliable medical care to our residents, about 37% of our resources will go towards financing the health sector’’ said Bartenge.

Notable achievements under the health sector include; Upgrading of Kabarnet and Eldama ravine level four hospitals to level five referral
hospitals, Upgrading of three sub-county hospitals to level four (Marigat, Kabartonjo, and Chemolingot) and construction of a new sub-county health facility in Mogotio respectively. “The supply and installation of Ksh 300 million worth
of medical equipment from AustralianGov ernment through VAMED engineering is currently in progress at Kabarnet Hospital.
We have also operationalized a all the stalled 67 health facilities by recruiting and deploying medical personnel, equipping and adequately supplying pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceuticals in these facilities,” he added.

According to the CEC, there is a continued growth in the local revenue from Ksh. 201 million in the 2013/14 financial to ksh. 249 million in the 2014/15 financial year and 300 million 2015/16.


“The upward annual trend in local revenue collection has been attributed to enactment of county finance act and other related acts, acquisition of computerized revenue system and improvement of internal control structures,” said Bartenge.
To improve revenue collection, the department is implementing a revenue Management system.

The county government has allocated Ksh 10.2 Million to further improve on the system In order to address unforeseen scenarios. However, The CEC said that despite the progress they have made over the past three years, they still face various human socio economic development challenges adding that the majority of the youths are unemployed, high income inequality exist and a large number of popululation still lives in poverty. He said that a sizeable pro- portion of the citizens are still food insecure and have low access to quality health care, clean water, and energy and education facilities. “Our County is also facing insecurity challenges from within and without which have resulted in loss of lives and livelihoods, disruption of learning and slow project implementation.
Revenue collection through tourism which is our main source of revenue has sig- nificantly reduced. Al- though the security is na- tional government function, as a county we have com- mitted substantial resources including time and money,
to address this menace for the last three years “Though we still have the challenge, we are putting in place appropriate measures to address these shortcomings.
Other departments which got the largest share are county assembly sh.603.775 million, education and ICT sh457 million, transport and infrastructure sh453 million, water and irrigation sh403 million respectively.

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