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Residents of maize and wheat growing areas of Baringo have been advised against selling their produce to middlemen at prices lower than those offered by the National Cereals and Produce Board.

Speaking during a projects inspection and meet the people tour of Mochongoi Ward in Baringo South Sub County, area governor Benjamin Cheboi congratulated farmers for their hard work that has seen good grain harvests in the region.

Cheboi revealed that he was liaising with NCPB to enable Baringo farmers to take advantage of good prices offered by the Board to avoid their exploitation by unscrupulous businessmen.

"After hard work, it is time for you to benefit. You risk losses if you allow yourselves to be exploited. Be cautious of how you sell your maize and wheat or else you will make traders overnight millionaires at your own expense. Cereals (NCPB) are good because they are offering the best prices." Advised Cheboi.

Baringo County's breadbasket areas of Mochongoi, Sigoro, Kiptuno and Sirwo have registered a bumber  harvest this season. The areas have consequently registered  heightened trading activity as maize merchants flock the region eager to make a kill.

Cheboi also advised residents to keep adequate food reserves especially in the face of unpredictable rains and as the effects of the prevailing dry spell continues to bite most Arid and Semi Arid counties.

Baringo County was conspicuously missing in the list of counties in need of urgent food aid released by the National Drought Management Authority after consistently dominating media headlines due to perennial food shortages occasioned by drought.

“As a county we are going to continue training our farers, availing affordable credit facilities, subsidizing drought resistant seeds and expanding our irrigation schemes. Our plan is to enable our people to use agriculture
create wealth." Said Cheboi.

He added that although Baringo is not currently listed as a county in need of food aid, the county government is working closely with their national government counterparts in monitoring the situation with a view to executing swift response in areas that may need assistance.

“Baringo is still food sufficient because we empowered our residents to grow surplus food but those outside irrigated areas must ensure they keep sufficient food reserves until next rains.” Cheboi Said.


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