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Governor Benjamin Cheboi has expressed gratitude and appreciation to personnel and staff of Mukutani Dispensary and Chemolingot Hospital for what he termed as exemplary health emergency response work they did in ensuring there was no life lost as a result of poisoning which occurred to residents of Sosion trading centre upon consumption of uninspected meat.

The incident which was captured in sections of the media showed pictures of a mother nursing an affected child who had a drip line hanging from an acacia tree, with several others having their drips from window frames in the dispensary.

In his message, Governor Cheboi commended his officers for being able to treat and discharge over 55 patients, an extremely large number for a dispensary, without any casualties.

'I thank them for responding swiftly and doing a gallant and professional job in spite of the large number of people that needed to be attended to in a small dispensary that would normally handle much less patients,' said Cheboi.

Cheboi added that it was indeed good news is to have great citizens who work with a passion, commitment to go the extra mile in order to serve humanity and preserve the sanctity of life.

The county boss, advised that in the event of an outbreak of diseases like cholera and any other epidemic disease, every practical measure and innovativeness, including hanging drips from a tree must be engaged to avert preventable loss of life.

Governor Cheboi also commended his department of health for ensuring sufficient medical supplies were available in the dispensary to deal with the situation.

He promised that his administration would review the need for an expanded health care facility in Mukutani area, so that such happenings will in future be handled in the fairest manner possible.

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