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Flamingoes – Lake Bogoria

Your tourism experience is only complete once you have visited the land of a “thousand views”. The picturesque landscape of Baringo County is strategically positioned at the heart of the Great Rift Valley.

The region has picturesque landscapes that include among others;
Waterfalls:  Torok and Kessup in Keiyo county, Arror and Embobut in Marakwet county.
Cliffs:  Rondinin (Simut) and Kipngochoch in Baringo county and Kamriny in Keiyo county
Valleys: The great rift valley (Kerio valley and Suguta valley)
Hills/Escapement:  Cherangany hills in Marakwet and West Pokot county, Elgeyo Escapement in Keiyo county, Seker hills in Westpokot county, Tugen hills in Baringo county and Mogila hills in Turkana county.
Gorges:  Turkwel gorge in West Pokot county and Chebloch in Baringo and Keiyo countys border.

The region is home to wide rage of wildlife which is a major tourism attraction. The main reserves and sanctuaries are lakes Bogoria, Baringo, Kapnarok, Nasolot, Saiwa swamp, Rimon and lake Turkana. The main type of wildlife includes Elephants, Buffaloes, Crocodile, Hippos and various birds. These are fond in national parks and reserves.

Hospitality and Hotels

The county headquarters boosts of a state of the art amphitheater and conference facility. Other facilities are found in Soi Lodge hotel & Bogoria Spa Hotel. The county government seeks to make Baringo a global conference center and Investment in this area is highly welcome.


Paw paw Growing – Marigat

Baringo district has varied soil types, ranging from high potential soils to low potential soils (60-70% land area) which require a bit of reinforcement, irrigation and improvement before any crops can be grown. Lack of rainfall in a good part of the district confines rain-fed agriculture to only a few parts.

Dairy farming – Eldama Ravine

The county produces only enough milk for consumption despite the great potential in region in regions like Eldama Ravine. We call upon farmers and other investors to partner with us in harnessing this economic potential.


Oil Exploration

Tullow Oil Company in our county. The ongoing seismic survey if eventually yields oil will not only transform our nation but also our county. The leadership of the county will support the Company’s efforts.

Geothermal Energy

GDC has commenced drilling at Silale in Baringo South Sub County to explore clean energy. We give full support to these efforts as all these are geared towards transforming the country and the county as a whole


he county government of Baringo has made ICT a priority in its economic strategic initiative. ICT plays a crucial role in the Socio-economic development of the County powerful tool in accelerating productivity of all sectors of the economy.

Film Industry

The vast open spaces, under clear blue sky, starry nights and misty moonlights and inviting camp fires of Tiaty, silale, ngiyang, Kapedo and kerio Valley offer prime destination for global film fans. Many world famous films such as Born Free & Lion King were shot in the (ASAL) areas in Kenya. The County’s picturesque scenes is best suited for this industry.


Our county is rich in mineral resources such as ruby around Sandai, unexplored diatomite deposits and limestone in the western side of the county.  I call upon local, national and international investors to invest in these sectors to create jobs for our youth.

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